There’s a fungus among us

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Each week I ask my students what they did over the weekend, and a good 25% percent of them respond with “Buscar a los misclos” or “Buscar a los setas”. After some research on my end, I found out that a “seta” is a mushroom. Hmm… I always thought mushroom was “champiñón”. I finally asked my students, “What is the difference between champiñón, misclo, and seta?” They told me that they are different species of mushrooms. To make a long story short, many of my students go with their families to look for mushrooms on the weekends. Since this isn’t something I normally do in the U.S. I was intrigued, and began to do some research on the topic. Champiñónes, setas, and misclos are all part of the cuisine in my region, and boy are they delicious.


A champiñón is what you have when you think of a typical mushroom that you would eat on a pizza or salad. The Lactarius deliciosus species (1 point for utilizing my biological studies!) is an edible mushroom that is one of the most commonly consumed mushrooms in the world.


A misclo is actually a niscalo (misclo is a slang term used by people in my region of Spain). With a funky orange color, this mushroom scared me at first. I thought that perhaps it was poisonous, but it isn’t. However, it is a unique European species that can’t be found in North America. This mushroom is considered a delicacy, and thus, the reason that many people hunt for them on the weekends. They are delicious. My host family usually grills them and serves them with olive oil, lemon, and various spices.


Like champiñón, seta translates directly to mushroom. However, I have found that people here are referring to a much larger mushroom, Boletus edulis, when they talk about setas. These are also quite delicious!

What about you? Do you like mushrooms? Have you ever tried a misclo? Are there other exotic mushrooms that are delicious?

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