Transition time

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I just received my Lonely Planet travel book and notebook in the mail yesterday! I can’t believe I leave for Spain in 11 days! In two weeks I’ll be working as a CIEE Teach in Spain Volunteer in Castilla-La Mancha. Someone better pinch me because this hardly seems real. I’ve wanted to return to Spain for several years, and now my dream is becoming a reality.  I’ve booked my flight, gone over my itinerary, made a list of what to pack, and already begun planning several weekend trips I want to take in Spain. So what now? Now that I’m prepared I can just relax, right? Wrong. Now is when the nerves set in…


Whether it’s preparing to go to summer camp, college, or halfway around the world, I am usually a nervous wreck during the weeks leading up to a big move. Why? I think it’s due to the mix of emotions I always experience. As exciting as it is to be on the precipice of something new, there’s always that lingering fear of the unknown. I think for me personally, it’s not literally the fear of the unknown, but the fear of how well I’ll adjust to being away from the “known.”  Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t stand transitions. I like to think that I’m flexible and that I can go with the flow, but I really can’t stand not having a routine. I like having structure to my day. Even if I only have one thing to do, at least I have that one thing to plan my day around. So right now my biggest fear is the transition time between being at home and working in a school. I’m so excited to help teach in school, but I wish I could be there already. I wish I could be two weeks in, teaching away.

Then there’s always that element of fulfillment that creeps into my mind. The fear that the experience isn’t going to live up to what I make it out to be. This is something I struggle with before a big change, and I always eventually reach the same conclusion. Each day is what I make of it. Sure there may be times where things don’t go as planned, but I am in charge of this experience and my attitude will either make things easier or harder.

Well, that’s enough of my rambling. What do you think? How do handle upcoming changes or transitions? Whether it’s a physical move, or just a big decision, I want to know!


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